Encouraging each other to create and develop solutions to real problems– and making them happen – is so important. Aliciyo focuses on cheerleading for incredible women. We’ve got your back.

When we love what you do we evangelise about it! We not only tell people, but look for connections to maximise the value you create. This makes us different to many other consultancies: we take pride in your work as much as our own.

We’re committed to collaboration as an integral part of how we work – and making connections is all about building networks. That’s why, if we like what you do, we mention it to everyone who will listen.

Telling stories is a basic human need – and the closer the story is to our own experience, the more people tend to engage with it. We build bridges, and make new friends, by talking about what we know: great people doing great things.

We’re especially proud of the great women we work with, and speak nationwide about their fantastic projects. Every time we do, we make a new connection with someone who can provide insight or benefit from forging a new friendship.

At the risk of cheesy sloganizing: championing channels change. The more we talk about each other, the more connections we’ll uncover. And uncovering the right partnerships really does make a difference.

In other words, if you choose to work with us, you’ll get an ambassador as well as an aide.