Understanding what your goals should – or could be – isn’t always easy. Aliciyo can provide insight, facilitate discussion, and narrow your focus – collaboratively, creatively and sustainably.

Scoping is the process of understanding your vision – and expressing your goals. Done properly, scoping requires structure, context and consideration. It also demands honesty – and trust.

Organisations come to us in all states of readiness, and find themselves at a variety of starting points. The good news is that scoping always starts the same way. We ask a simple question: what do you want to achieve?

We specialise in helping you find the right answers to that question. Whether you have developed a brand new solution or identified a key strategic challenge, scoping is the process of understanding what your next steps should be.

Your approach will be governed by your contexts, and at Aliciyo we help our clients understand A) who benefits from their proposed activity, and B) who else can provide input and insight.

We believe in collaboration, and in breaking out of silos in order to see the bigger picture. Scoping is at its best when it is both panoramic and laser-focused.

No one gets from point A to point B without a map. We can help you draw one.