I am The Impact Mentor. I work with businesses and organisations like yours, to help them get where they are going but smarter through the power of collaboration.

In practical terms, this means I work with a range of businesses, from start ups to large organisations, to help them distil the impact they want to make.  I share my expertise and determine how they can do this most effectively.  I create relationships between them and other people  I know that can add value to what they do.

I’m a ‘go-to’ person due to my insight, willingness, experience and tailored approach to working with businesses and other organisation.  Through Aliciyo, I bring you my very diverse, cross sector networks.

Prior to founding Aliciyo, I worked for over 16 years in the NHS where I led innovation, research and industry engagement.  I loved to lead and develop multi-disciplinary teams within and across organisations. I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, helping them to develop their business strategies and work with the right people & organisations and in the right way.

My early years were spent in the pharmaceutical industry, in healthcare
communications, clinical trials and marketing research.   Across this time I worked with a wide range of businesses spanning health and social care, public health and direct to consumer markets.
I have never confined my working to just healthcare as I have proactively sought partnerships across many sectors to maximise our learning and ability to make an impact together.

My sharing would not be complete without a recent family #selfie. Dave and Rhianna inspire me every day… I will never cease to be amazed and jolted into action by the insights of a 13-year-old!

I have recently started to windsurf which I find is an excellent way to ensure my week has #happybalance.  This way I take in a good dose of nature, sometimes quite literally, depending on the quantity of lake or sea water I consume!

If you’d ever like to meet me in an outdoor location rather than a stuffy meeting room I would be pleased to do that. In the colder weather, I love to seek out and meet in independent coffee shops, I’ll be the one quietly crocheting in the corner…

Finally, you may have noticed, I use my name(s) Beth and Bethan interchangeably throughout this site. It’s deliberate and I am pleased to answer to either.

If you are still left with some questions, just ask by getting in touch!