Sharing my Vision, with trust

I am excited to enter my 46th year this week, still feeling a 20-something inside, but with bags more experience, insight and energy to share and a continued hunger to learn.

To set myself up for my new year, I was drawn to the idea of creating a vision board. I was inspired by a friend who was creating a board to support her own journey as she defines her new business. I shared this as my plan (for accountability) in a facebook community and anticipated needing to watch how to do this ‘properly’ via YouTube or similar. However, one group chat later, I was thrilled to be booking my ticket to attend a visioning workshop in London, under the awesome guidance of Helena Holrick.

Helena says

“It just takes a little time out, some good questions and a nice atmosphere in which to think, ponder, review and identify your desires for how you want the year to be. Once you’ve created the plan, a Vision Board can help to remind you of what you are longing for, wanting to make happen and looking forward to enjoying.”

And boy, were those questions good! I never underestimate the power of great questions and Helena certainly had those. Using the right language with us was key, along with her ability to create a safe and nurturing environment where everyone could share and reflect. We were invited to reflect on last year’s accomplishments, disappointments and learning. I explored the areas where I have a tendency to hesitate. I enjoyed reviewing the roles I undertake across all aspects of my life and mapping out the goals I choose for the next 12 months. Perhaps the most interesting and unexpected part of the day was that the actual board creation was entirely led by intuition. Our subconscious guided the selection of words and images, informed by the work we had done throughout the day.

During the process, I committed over the next 12 months to lead myself with increased awareness and lead my life with messy play! Messy play is not about untidiness, it symbolises and describes the way in which I build opportunity for creativeness at all levels of my life and work. From the environment I create for myself and others, through to the way I show up and the approach I take. Messy play will help me define what’s important for me to focus on, is present in the values I live by, and how I choose to be. You’ll spot me with my sleeves-rolled up, finding a way.

You will have seen me write and heard me speak on how much I value your talent and insight. I have no intention to struggle with anything alone, I am driven to collaborate. I am at my best when I am creating collaboration for and with other people and organisations, where we can define and come together around a shared goal and vision. Therefore it feels right that without explanation on the content, I share my vision board with you. I don’t know what some of the words and images represent as yet, but I am very happy to trust the process.

I would love to know about your Vision Board stories, please feel free to share and comment….and if anyone knows what that Cornish pasty is all about, do get in touch!

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