It takes more than just the idea

This is my seventh attempt to get a blog out this week. Why has it been so difficult? I have lists of topics centred around things that get me out of bed in the morning, the ideas I want to share, the things I am most passionate about in business:

  • embracing change
  • collaborating
  • being resilient
  • leveraging the talent around us
  • reframing challenges
  • seeing the best in others
  • myth busting
  • testing assumptions

and the list goes on.

But, when we want to create value for others, having an idea or being passionate about something is rarely enough. Will passion write my words on the page? Will passion create the story that connects my readers? Will passion alone keep me precise and focussed?

The passion I feel in the work that I do, undoubtedly drives every aspect of my blog writing. However, unless I commit adequate time to crafting that idea and making it something of value for somebody else, unless I take the time to really understand you and what you want to learn from me, unless I DO THE WORK, nothing is published.

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