Just Shipping!


I had become distant and increasingly detached from my ‘thing’. Three years ago, there was no doubt that I was successful and still enjoying my work but I was coasting, and something didn’t feel congruent. I needed to unpick my tangled thoughts and I started a personal blog.

I simply started to write. I was churning out up to 3 blogs a week on my website. Some were read by the masses (for me this was my small list of 75 followers!) and many by only a few. Despite the fact that I was firstly writing for me, writing to better understand my next steps and writing to start my new journey, I was connecting with an audience. I wrote about things that I was inspired to share. Inspired by my conversations, what I read, listened to and most importantly what I noticed. As marketeer and author Seth Godin talks about, I was “shipping”. I was overcoming that little voice in my head and was pushing my latest ideas project out into the world.

A year later, I made the leap out of my NHS role. I had absolute clarity on why I was making the leap — I wanted to reach a wider audience and add more value than my current role enabled me to- albeit I was a little blurry on what that meant. But I remembered, “just ship it”. I pressed pause on my blogging and I entirely focussed on creating as much value as possible for the people I worked with. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. And it is much of this learning, that I now feel ready to share and build upon. With hindsight I could have kept my blog going throughout.

The last 22 months has been a crazy expedition. Far more of a challenge than any backpacking trip has thrown me. I laugh at the people who tell me I must have left my employed life for more of a work-life balance. This is definitely not the easy option albeit massively more rewarding. I’ve explored new terrain, often with no map. I have trialled new equipment and tools, feeling empowered by living in this era of technology enablement. Importantly, I’ve never been alone. I have walked hand in hand with many guides, and have partnered with people who complement my strengths…and weaknesses. I’ve encouraged other businesses to learn from my insight, my early mistakes and to join me and others on our journey.

Today marks the start of my new blog. Moving from my website to a wider audience, ready to share openly and inspire those of you who are hesitating or unclear how to get to the next step. What do you want to achieve? Let’s discover what’s possible together! I feel now is the time to share how to be resilient in a time of rapid change….the pace of change is not going to slow down. I believe that working with the expertise and support of others sits at the heart of this.

“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things”. Mother Teresa.

Todays blog started with no strategy, just writing. I’m shipping…..and its great to be back!

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